Versafit Fights Obesity through Innovative Sports & Group Fitness Networking App

January 26 19:41 2018

Los Angeles, CA – Locally owned startup company Versafit is dedicated to fighting obesity through their innovative fitness networking app.

Founded by United States Air Force veteran and fitness leader Julian Clarke, and sports enthusiast Alton Chislom, Versafit is a sports and fitness company dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, connecting people together and encouraging active living.

Founders Clarke and Chislom developed their concept with the belief that healthy living has become overly associated with spending too much time at the gym and unenjoyable workout sessions.  Using their motto, “Go Play!” Versafit has made it their mission to create a seamless and easy method to being healthy, fit and active.

“We believe that sports and fitness should be a part of everyone’s daily ritual,” stated co-founder Alton Chislom.  “To help people of all walks of life develop a healthier lifestyle, we have taken a different spin on things.  We believe healthy, fit and active doesn’t necessarily mean spending countless hours at the gym.  That’s why we’ve created an entire business, app and even network to make things simple, fun and, most of all, easy!”

With the Versafit platform, users can develop a more personalized fitness regime through various methods, including joining or hosting an activity, earning points to rank on a leaderboard, win prizes, discover new activities and be part of an active and social community.

Co-founder Julian Clarke says, “We are extremely excited about what we have created.  To help launch our brand and platform, we are hosting our very first Versafit Field Day 2018, to be held in Griffith Park.  Everyone is invited for a day of fun, fitness and networking.”  Clarke continues, “To help fight the obesity epidemic, we will also be donating a portion of our proceeds from this event.”

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About the Company:

Versafit has garnered national attention as one of Coolest Startups in the Country, where they were given the opportunity to interview Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian.  Versafit was also featured in CNBC’s article, 5 College Students Who Chose Business Plans Over Parties.

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