August 23 18:55 2016


Losing just 10 pounds for many people can have a number of positive effects not only physically but also psychologically.   Local county, city and school district employees are receiving a special gift as summer concludes from local obesity management provider Premier Health of Summit. City Mayor Radest and School Superintendent ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Chang have all been invited to encourage their respective employees that desire to do so to lose 10 pounds without charge or fees through the guidance of Dr. Brian Anderson of Premier Health of Summit ( .

“Losing just 10 pounds for many people is potentially lifesaving,” noted Center Director Brian Anderson.  “The immediate benefits and the long term benefits are impactful and we hope some participants will be motivated to lose all of their excess weight,” added Dr. Anderson.

Premier Health of Summit is providing a complimentary ten pound weight loss program to employees of the county, city and schools free of charge.  The only requirement is an initial weigh in so a base line weight is established.  All participants will also receive two complimentary body composition analyses which will determine % of body fat, water weight and the weight of lean muscle tissue and bones.  The analysis will be completed at both the start and completion of the 10 pound weight loss program.

“This is part of our initiative to help the county as a whole lose 10,000 pounds by 12:00 am New Year’s Eve 2017,” remarked Dr. Anderson.  “All of our existing, former and new clients will be contributing to the loss and local non-profits will also have the opportunity to benefit as that we will be conducting three campaigns to benefit local charities similar to our successful program benefiting the Salvation Army this past July,” Dr. Anderson also noted.

This program will have limited windows for enrollment the first of which concludes at the end of this August.  Premier Health of Summit is located at 47 Maple Street, Suite 103, Summit, NJ  Although no appointment is required it is recommended by calling 908.219.4334.

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